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VacTube Slurper Marble™ - 12mm

VacTube Slurper Marble™ - 12mm

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Description for Part Number 6356

Terp slurper marbles really kick off the fun with a Terp Slurping Banger! Pop the Slurper Marble on top of your Terp Slurper, one of these VacTube™ Marbles on top of the vacuum tube, and add-in a Terp Pearl to bounce around, liberating the terps within your oil. DO NOT expose your VacTube Slurper Marble™ to direct heat! Only heat the tray of the terp slurper and keep the flame off of this marble.

*Pictured inside of our Carb Cap Holder (Terp Pearl Holder), and on top of the vacuum tube in the inside of our fully Marbled Terp Slurper Stack Combo Pack!