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The Five Necessary Tools To Take Proper Dabs!

Putting together your first dabbing kit can be daunting, but our mission here as dabbing specialists is to provide you with ready made and tested dabbing kits that will outfit you for instant success and great dabs, but we also hope to empower you with the information and guidance you need to branch out on your own and create personalized setups for your dabbing sessions. Now, keep in mind that these five necessary items exclude other enhancing dab accessories that we'll explore in depth, soon!

A dab rig is a specialized form of water pipe designed specifically for dabbing cannabis concentrates. They are smaller than a typical flower bong because terpy vapor dabs don't need extensive filtration in a large closed environment like flower rips do. Dab rigs are designed with low drag in mind, leading to less friction for the airflow and a smoother pull.

When dabbing on quartz hit the dabbing scene, quartz nails (the heated medium where vaporization occurs) literally looked like nails, hence the name! Domeless and domed nails used to be a thing years ago, but quartz banger nails finally evolved into modern bucket style quartz bangers that we're familiar with seeing and using today, like the one above. The bucket style of quartz bangers make consumption so much less wasteful and enjoyable than the original quartz "nails"!

A good carb cap is key! Just like wearing the wrong hat with an otherwise great fit can ruin your look, so too can an improperly matched or fitted carb cab wreck an otherwise great dab! A carb cap increases the heat convection and creates a more closed loop environment for the vapor, keeping it in play. Carb caps can also direct and dispurse the airlfow within the nail to help keep things  moving, and further the vaporization of your oil. Some carb caps create a spinning vortex of air inside the nail to spin terp dabbing pearls which will be discussed later. Make sure to outfit your nail with a correctly corresponding carb cap! 

A good dabber tool is where the rubber meets the road, or rather the concentrated cannabis meets the "nail". Use a handy dab tool to load and apply your wax to a preheated dab nail, whether it be a quartz banger nail, a titanium nail, or a hybrid dabbing nail. There are different styles of tips for dab tools. Some are completely titanium and also meant to scrape nails for cleaning, and to cut and scoop out concentrate loads for dabbing. You're no better than your tools! 

A Heat Source

Torch or electronic, that's a decision you'll have to make! Some benefits of torch dabbing are being untethered from an eNail box, and also the freedom to heat any up any readily available quartz nail, where and how much you want, by hand. 

Torch or electronic, that's a decision you'll have to make! The benefits of using an electronic PID Temperature Controller (AKA: eNail) for dabbing are really consistent heat up times and temperatures, no ongoing costs for butane, and maybe it's a bit safer due to not having an open flame. Also, if your environment is safe, you can take an always on and ready approach. I still recommend that you turn your eNail off when not surpervised [Think: Cats]! 

Torch Dabbing Or Electronic Dabbing?

In the picture above on the left, you'll see a complete torch dabbing kit for someone who doesn't want to be tethered to an eNail controller box, and who also prefers using a quartz banger nail heated by a butane torch. You will go through butane over time and the cost adds up. In the picture above on the right-hand side, you'll see a complete electronic eNail dabbing kit for someone who doesn't want to use an open flame and who prefers not to have to spend money on butane torch fuel. eNail dabbing kits can use a quartz banger nail, or a titanium dabbing nail. You just need to choose which you prefer, or have and do both! In the two pictures above, torch dabbing versus electronic dabbing, can you identify and name all five of the necessary tools? [Think: Rig, Nail, Carb Cap, Dabber Tool, Heat Source]

So, you've got to choose whether to get into torch dabbing, or electronic eNail dabbing!