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Electronic Dabbing Kits

Electronic Dabbing Kits

PID Temperature Controllers are also referred to as "Enails" or "Head Units," and the process of using one is considered "electronic" dabbing or "e-dabbing." The enail unit heats up a heater coil that secures to the bottom of an "e-banger" bucket. Our team has put together some of the best electronic dabbing kits that we have to offer. Keep in mind that every enail controller does the same thing, which is to heat up the end of the heater coil. So functionally, there is little difference between our enails.

Potential Electronic Dabbing Kit Items:

We have a kit for everyone's tastes and needs, from kits like this dab rig starter kits to full-on torch kits that instantly equal dabbing mastery! Grab one of our complete electronic dabbing enail kits and take your dab sessions to the next level.