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the dabbing specialists Team

"From Aerospace to Headspace"

                  the dabbing specialists Team!

Meet the dabbing specialists Team!

Gary, our owner and founder, sold his successful aerospace company in 2016 and had a serious personal passion for dabbing cannabis concentrates. He immediately started manufacturing our titanium nails using US Type 2 titanium. He also designed and oversaw the production of our custom enail controllers, all from our shop in Southern California. Gary's experience in CNC machining and manufacturing now sends people to the proverbial moon, rather than crafts to Mars!

Andy, our internet technology specialist and project manager, met Gary through good vibes and friendship with Gary's son-in-law. Andy hosted Gary's aerospace company website in the past, and is also a longtime diehard cannabis lover. When presented with the opportunity to build out Gary's e-commerce sites and manage the overall project, he jumped at the chance!

Steve, our customer service specialist, video producer, and social media manager started off with us as a product ambassador. Steve's passion for dabbing and his strong work ethic got our interest. Now, he's on our full-time staff! We're excited to have an East Coast branch. #PAMMJ

Ambyr, our brand ambassador, lives in Oregon with her cute dog and she absolutely loves cannabis. She grows her own, advocates on behalf of cannabis, dabs a lot, and is full of chill and cheer! We appreciate her using our gear and helping to spread the word about our products.

the dabbing specialists Team Members: [From Left to Right] Ambyr, Brand Ambassador, Gary, Founder & President, Andy IT, DevOps & Project Manager, and Stephen, Customer Service Specialist, Video Producer & Social Media Manager.

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