Quartz banger nails have risen quickly as a dabbing favorite, becoming the most widely used dab nail in the scene. Many love quartz due to the intensely clean and pure taste. While not as durable as a titanium nail, our quartz banger nails are inexpensive and can be changed out regularly to increase the quality of your daily dab sessions. Quartz nails bring heat away from the glass joints on your dab rig or bubbler pipe, preventing possible heat stress and cracks.


  • Quartz bangers
  • E- Bangers
  • Flat-top Bangers with Cup inserts
  • Thermal Bangers with Core Reactors
  • Core Reactor Bangers
  • Terp Slurper Bangers
  • Carb Caps

Heat up your quartz banger as you normally would, insert your material, and then cover your nail with a carb cap to retain the heat and restrict the airflow, increasing the flavor and ensuring you vaporize all of your wax or oil. Carb Caps will also assist you in taking lower temperature dabs with great flavor and maximum efficiency.