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Torch Dabbing Kits

Torch Dabbing Kits

Are you looking to start dabbing with a torch but need help figuring out where to start? The Dabbing Specialists made your torch dab rig kit selection easy! We've bundled our glass dab rigs with some of our top-grade taste-retaining quartz banger nails. Quartz banger nails provide the cleanest taste available.

Our most straightforward torch dabbing kit, if you want to call it that, would be our honey straws, also called nectar collectors. Torch the end, dip in the wax, and take a dab! These are great on the go, but if you want a full-on torch dab rig, scroll down further into this collection! You will find complete kits that only require butane, some wax, or, at worst, a torch, butane, and oil! That's on you to gather.

Product Collection Highlights

Convenient, Portable Honey Straws/Nectar CollectorsEl Presidente Dabbing Bundle
Super-High Value Dab Rig Kits

    Our dab rigs are designed to minimize the drag on the airflow as it travels to you, while the quartz banger nail provides an intensely clean and pure taste while maintaining outstanding heat retention. These kits are designed to be used with a good ol' torch! Order one today and get tastier, more consistent dabs!