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Dab Rig, Nail, & Carb Cap Kits

Dab Rig, Nail, & Carb Cap Kits

Every dab rig in this product collection has a dab bubbler, a nail, and a carb cap. Most of these kits are designed to use for torch dabbing, however, we do offer kits in this collection that come with an "E-Banger" or "Titanium Nail" which are used with PID temperature controllers, or eNails for taking electronic dabs. The ones that include "E-Banger" are used for electronic dabbing. Take a look and find one that fits your style and dabbing needs. Our dab rig bubblers are engineered to deliver a smooth, consistent, well-diffused dab, and you will go right with all of the kits displayed below.

Product Collection Highlights

Tiny Hand Dab Rig Complete Kit #6Mini Hockey Puck with Quartz Double Wall BangerPortable Kit Bubbler With Quartz BangerShowerhead Bubbler With Quartz E-Banger (Enail Controller)

    We offer a wide size variety in size and shape, but you'll get superb rips with any of our well-thought-out and properly designed dab rig kits.