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Titanium Dabbing Hardware

Titanium Dabbing Hardware

Titanium nails are where dabbing began and they'll continue to be a mainstay for many dabbers. Our titanium is 99.4% Type 2, pure medical-grade titanium! We spun our CNC machines and started with the best titanium material available. Titanium dabbing nails are a prevalent nail for use with concentrates and oils. Titanium nails are the most durable dabbing nails available, and with ours, the taste is impeccable!

Titanium nails won’t shatter when dropped or misused like quartz banger nails. Titanium requires a bit longer heat-up time when compared to quartz nails but has superior heat retention, making your dab window longer. the dabbing specialists have many different titanium products to serve you exceptionally well for years as part of your dabbing arsenal!

Product Collection Highlights

Titanium Dab Nails & Kits, 99.4% Pure, Type 2 USA Melted & Machined, Medical Grade, Our 16-Hole, 16mm Titanium Dab NailAmazing Heat Retention, Complete Dabbing Hardware Kits, Dabbing Tools - Carb Caps and Dab Sticks


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