Ambyr Echavez

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Ambyr, an Artist from Eugene Oregon. I love EVERYTHING cannabis! I’ve been a medical patient for 10 years and even learned how to press my own live resin. I enjoy mountain hikes and autumn weather. My favorite hobbies are collecting agates on the beaches of the Oregon Coast and attending art gallery shows locally. An advocate for the legalization of cannabis I have spent many years trying to reform cannabis laws. My most recent projects are petitions and protests to get convicts with non-violent cannabis convictions overturned and released from prison. Thanks for getting to know me.

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Stephen Miller

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My name is Steve & I’m from Northeast Pennsylvania! I am a PAMMJ Patient,  longtime dabber & cannabis enthusiast 😤 I am a very family oriented person who enjoys the outdoors, fishing, good music good food & good people ❤️ I’m so thrilled & grateful to be apart of such an amazing team at The Dabbing Specialists! 🙏 Lets get to WORK! 

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K-even Graves, "The Oklahoma Meltshotman"

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Howdy y'all, my name is K-even, (not Kevin). I'm 33 yrs old and live in the great state of Oklahoma which is the wild west of cannabis. I'm a cannabis connoisseur and a dabbing aficionado. Cannabis has been a part of my life for the past 20yrs. I understand quality products and I always bring you honesty in every aspect of what I do. I'm married with 3 girls, and those 4 women are my everything. I would be nothing without them. I look forward to bringing y'all quality content, honest reviews, and amazing meltshots!

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