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Flower Products

Flower Products

Sometimes it's enjoyable to kick back and smoke some raw flower. A lot of times in between dabs, really. While building our dabbing products catalog over the years, we've picked up some great items for your flower consumption needs. If you're like some of us and enjoy blazing fat joints and hitting the occasional bong rip, check out our flower products collection below!

Product Collection Highlights

Flower Grinders - The Cali CrusherFlower Bowl Slides - 14mm and 18mm MaleAsh Catchers - Keep Your Bong Clean, Illuminated Cookies Glo Tray V3, Flower Bongs, Silicone Rubber Mouthpiece With StrapCleanup Products - The 420 Odor Eliminator and Formula 710 Advanced CleanerProfessional Mini Digital Scale

    All of these items function well and are listed at unmatched prices! Get some today.