the dabbing specialists: Who We Are, And What We Do.

by staff thedabbingspecialists January 22, 2017

Already positioned as an innovative, industry-leading aerospace manufacturer of recent past, personal passions and profession merged into a new company. "the dabbing specialists" --from Aerospace to Headspace. The precision remains the same. With years of experience engineering and crafting mission critical parts and components for air and space travel, our new daily mission is to take your dabbing sessions to new heights! Our USA melted, engineered, and machined titanium nails and dab kits are a must try experience! the dabbing specialists continuously research, develop, and manufacture at our Southern California headquarters. We have a top-notch team that takes pride in creating the most value possible for you while also providing the best service possible.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we're here for you every step of the way. From product selection support using live chat on our site, through equipment use tips on our YouTube channel, wrapped up with our support ticket system and toll-free number if you encounter any issues or need help. the dabbing specialists use only the finest 99.4% pure, U.S. melted Type 2 titanium. This leads to tastier dabs! We think you'll be happier with our made in the USA gear--dab special!

staff thedabbingspecialists
staff thedabbingspecialists


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