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Cannabis and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Cannabis and Corona:

What You Need to Know

Corona virus update

View the corona virus dashboard by John Hopkins University

The COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic has truly swept the nation. Crazy way to start off the decade, right? We get it, every day the news changes. Today, April 14, the US surpassed Italy for death toll, reported at over 23 thousand. Fortunately, many of the hospitalizations in hot spots such as New York have begun to stabilize. There is still, however, a shortage of testing kits available nationwide, delaying widespread testing. Many states are enforcing statewide curfews and stay-at-home orders.

Corona Disrupts the Cannabis Industry

As the corona virus spreads across the United States, it has impacted a variety of industries, Cannabis included. Though the industry has experienced some disruption due to the sudden and dramatic surge in purchases, restrictions and closures in certain states, and a transition from in-store retail to curb-side pickup and delivery. Most states have deemed cannabis, especially medical cannabis, to be an essential business and thus are staying open.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused the cancellation of 4/20 events nationwide. Not to mention concert season. It has also forced us away from the sacred puff, puff, pass routine and, for many, away from the smoke circle.
Don't worry, though. We've got an idea to help us all celebrate 4/20 together.

Our Response

We understand, you're worried about staying healthy. We take the following steps before shipping every order to ensure that every product is in the best and safest condition for your home dabbing setup.

Produce. As states began self isolating, we had some little hiccups with the production process. Don't worry though. It's all good now! Dab rigs are still being shipped!

Disinfect. When we receive our shipments, we go through and disinfect the stock. Before we package your items, we disinfect them again to ensure that they're clean and ready for you to enjoy a fresh dab!

Package. We go through extra care to make sure our packaging keeps the item both secured for transport and protected from contamination.

We really appreciate all the love and support you've shown during these wild times. You guys and girls are really awesome! While we're doing our best to keep everything stocked, we can't predict the future. We'd like to encourage you guys to stock up while you can! As of right now, our supply chain and manufacturing is chugging away, shipping 7 days a week!
A big thank you to Maria, our newest member to the team, who's been helping make sure your orders get shipped out and your concerns are taken care of!

Cannabis Quarantine Tips

Cannabis and Coronavirus: Dab rigs at home

  • As the WHO recommends, stay home. Less people out and about means less people potentially exposed. Please, help the doctors and nurses out and follow their advice. Put the kickbacks on hold and just kick back at home. Get yourself a fat dab and a good movie or video game set up and have a chill night!
  • If you absolutely do need to head outside, practice social distancing. Gotta keep that 6 foot distance from others. If you've got a cough or sneeze, it might be a good idea to wear a mask. Trust us, it'll help reduce the "they know I'm high" paranoia since no one's staring at you, thinking you've got the virus. Or maybe they did know you're high...
  • Don't forget wash your hands. The lipids(fat) in the soap break down the virus' outer wall, killing it.
  • With news changing so fast about this pandemic, we recommend being prepared and stocking up while supplies last. We gotta stay lifted during this pandemic. Running out of cannabis while stuck at home would SUCK. The same could be said for breaking your dab rig.
  • Clean your rig before every session. A bonus to this is that it not only keeps your rig sterile, it also ensures that you get the smoothest, tastiest dabs! At the very least, it's a good idea to clean the mouthpiece before you put your mouth on it. This is especially important if you have stoner roommates who also use your rig.
  • Unfortunately, we have to turn puff, puff, pass into just puff, puff and avoid sharing joints and pieces. Just stick to your personal stash. There's plenty of time to match each other later.
  • If you have to share your piece with someone, heat up the mouthpiece with a lighter between passes. The heat will sanitize the surface, killing any virus. Also a good rule of thumb during flu season!
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Don't do it into your hands. You touch people and things with those. Wash them if you do.
  • Remember that social staying home does not mean self isolation. That's why we created Cannabis Molecules, a place where we can gather online to chill and take fat dabs together. We call them Dabinars™ ! It's completely free to join, so come check it out!
  • Again, we want to say thank you for your support!
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