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Description for Part Number 6329

Reclaim Catcher

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Using this Reclaim Catcher between your banger and dab rig is extremely beneficial. Reclaim the wasted wax that would normally gunk up your bubbler! Just disconnect the silicone container that collects your lost treasure. Unlike some reclaim systems, the directed point on the down piece ensures that the reclaimed oil ends up in the container. Save money, keep your rig tidier, and enjoy your reclaim!

Product Details:

  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Works With 14mm Male E-Bangers And Bangers Only
  • The Receiving Adapter On Top Is a 14mm Female!
  • Our Crew Reports That 10%+ Of Their Wax Gets Reclaimed
  • Includes (2) Colorful Silicone Containers (Randomly Chosen)

*This product only includes the reclaim catcher and two silicone containers. (You choose the pipe joint type and size--they all receive a 14mm Male E-Banger/Banger on top of the bucket.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
$$ Well Spent!

Didn't know anything about these little add ons until I looked to see what it was for. Decided to get one to use with the matrix recycler rig already in my cart. Been using it for about 8 days now and it's caught enough to have covered the entire bottom of the container thru moderate use. It won't be clogging up the pipe and might be useful later on. I also like the heavy duty construction and tapered inside tube can't miss. Good buy, glad I found it.

Nice, we're happy to hear it! Thanks for your review and for helping to spread the word about us. Thanks, Kenny!


It seems like they care about their quality assurance, I bought a banger and this reclaim catcher from them and they seem thicker and higher quality than the chinese crap you would buy off of ebay and they are only slightly more expensive. I would definitely recommend these guys. The reclaim catcher saves me from cleaning out my rig probably 10x as much

Bovee, we appreciate your review! We're happy that you like the quality of our goods and that the reclaim catcher is performing well. Thanks for being our customer and for helping to spread the word about us!

save your concentrates!

what do you expect from the dabbing specialists, they are indeed the specialists of dabbing after all. this reclaimer does exactly what it’s supposed to do. saves you money, and it’s made out of good glass. how did they make it so affordable? that’s my only question. 10/10

Keagan, we're happy you agree that this is a great reclaim catcher! We appreciate your review and for telling all of your dabbing buddies about us.

Does The Job

It does what it suppose to do and air flow is nice. Looks cool also.

Clams, thanks for the review!