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Description for Part Number 6381

25mm Sapphire Insert Cup

Dropping in a 25mm Faceted Sapphire Insert Cup into a 600°F 25mm e-banger or banger provides thick and flavorful vaporization. It often seems to extend the number of rips you'll get off of each session. The smooth and tasty benefits of our laboratory-grown, genuine Grade-A Sapphire, combined with the fantastic looks of the faceted design, will uplift you and make each sesh extremely satisfying. Dabbing with an Insert Cup helps vaporize your oil more efficiently and provides the best taste on any surface. This insert cup is made out of genuine Grade-A laboratory-grown Sapphire. Be the first in your crew to rip one of these beautiful conversation starters inside your 25mm Banger or E-Banger—such tasty and smooth draws combined with sophisticated elegance.

Product Details:

  • Superior Flavor and Efficiency
  • Looks Beautiful; Feel the Healing Difference
  • Grade-A Genuine Laboratory Grown Sapphire Gemstone
  • Lower-Temp. Vapor Production-Smooth Rips-Less Coughing
  • Superior Flavor Retention for Delicate Terpenes
  • Ideal Thermal Conductivity for Torched Bangers
  • Sapphire Insert Cup for 25mm Quartz E-Bangers & Bangers [With Side Thicknesses of 2.5mm or Less]
  • OD 19mm (Outside Diameter), ID 15mm (Inside Diameter)
  • Height 16mm, Bottom/Side Thickness 2mm
  • Recommended for Enail Use [Enail set temperature is 600°F]
  • Recommended for Torch Use [Drop-In at 600°F]
  • *Pictured With Our 25mm Faceted Ruby Insert Cup [Looks Red]*
  • *Pictured With Our Reverse Tweezers*
  • Purchase Includes (1) 25mm Faceted Sapphire Insert Cup Only.

*WARNING: Never expose this Faceted Sapphire Insert Cup to direct flame; only heat it within a quartz banger to prevent cracking due to thermal shock. For the same reason, ensure it's at room temperature before applying any cleaning solutions. Stress cracks will occur due to thermal shock, which is related to the coefficient of expansion of the material. This is not caused by Sapphire's hardness, which ranks a nine on the Mohs hardness scale.

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