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Description for Part Number 6310

25mm Spinner Cap

If you need to spin some pearls in a 25mm banger, slap this poker chip spinner cap on top, and let the recessed design sink into your flat-topped quartz banger so it doesn't slide off. The six vortex-inducing incoming air channels will create the vortex of air needed to spin pearls. This spinner disc carb cap looks like an ancient, long-lost coin from a fallen mechanical alien civilization, but I assure you, it's ready for the present! It also functions as a digit fidget device; roll it over your fingers like a poker chip.

Additional Product Use Images and FUNction Videos are Coming Soon!

Product Details:

  • OD [Outside Diameter]: 29.5mm
  • Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Works Correctly on 25mm Bangers & E-Bangers
  • Recessed & Seats on Flat Top 25mm Banger
  • Spreads & Rotates Your Oil - Increases Vaporization
  • Six Air Inlet Channels - Creates Air Vortex
  • Spins Pearls In 25mm Bangers & E-Bangers
  • Works On Smaller Diameter Bangers With Assisted Support
  • Used with Terp (Dab) Pearls

*Does not include the pictured banger, pearls, or bubbler!