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Description for Part Number 1211

30mm Terp E-Slurper Coil Kit

Many of our loyal electronic dabbing patrons have waited for a Terp E-Slurper Coil Kit, and here it is! You'll get a fully welded 30mm (tray outside diameter) Terp E-Slurper Banger, a high-quality 30mm coil heater, and a marble set for good measure. The coil heater will work on all our enail controllers except our "Custom TDS Enail."

This 30mm coil heater kit works with TDS Enails - PN 5105 & PN 5111

(See the XLR 5 PIN Connection Wiring Diagram-Last Image)

*The connection mode of eNails produced by each supplier is different, and the coil we produce is the connection mode corresponding to our eNails. It will not work if you want to connect with other eNails unless you have an XLR connection with the exact PIN pattern in our diagram(Wiring Diagram In Images)

Kit Includes:

*Due to the nature of digital photography, In the complete kit images, the marble set looks far redder than what you'll receive. The image of the marble set on its own is color accurate. Also, you can Click here to view a more color-accurate image of Terp Slurper Marble Set included with this coil kit!