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35mm Banger-Flat Top-Clear

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Description for Part Number 6188

35mm Quartz Banger

This banger is straight dope! It's very, very spacious and has lovely beveled edges at the bottom of the bucket to keep oil in play and make it easier to keep clean. We prefer to use it with four Terp Pearls or a Sic/Ruby Insert!

Product Details:

  • 100% Pure Quartz
  • 35mm Outside Diameter / 31mm Inside Diameter
  • You choose the Type and Size of the Joint
  • Does NOT Include the Pictured Banger Stand or the 50mm Disc Carb Cap

You may want to try our 50mm Disc Carb Cap, a 30mm Ruby Cup Insert, or a 30mm SiC Cup Insert with this mega banger!

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