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Description for Part Number 6304

Bubble Carb Cap for All Bangers

Bubble Carb Caps are the latest craze among dabbers who use quartz bangers. They work even better with thermal bangers, also known as double-walled bangers. These directional bubble carb caps allow you to move the cap around to ensure you vaporize all of your wax. The bubble design will enable you to control the airflow direction to maximize wax vaporization for lower-temperature dabs. This directional carb cap is a must-have dab tool!

Product Details:

  • 100% Quartz
  • It helps control airflow intake.
  • Works with all of our E-Bangers.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Works great!!!

    Fits my 25mm banger perfect!!!

    Jonathon Ramos
    Great Carb Cap

    I use this carb cap along with the e-nail, rig, and e-nail banger from The Dabbing Specialists.

    As with all of their products, they perform great. When I dab I prefer to use terp pearls to spread the oil around evenly through the banger. This carb cap allows that function to happen. *Note - In order for the terp pearls and oil to move around from the air flow, you must manually move the carb cap around*

    I have purchased other direction carb caps that have been too long or have too wide of an opening. The directional carb cap
    I received from The Dabbing Specialists is a great size and has the perfect sized opening.

    The color of the carb cap is awesome too. It reminds me of a Bud Light Platinum glass bottle. The blue is definitely a great color to accent your rig.

    I highly recommend this product and company.

    Thanks for the fine review Jonathon!