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Description for Part Number 7500

CCELL® M3B - Stainless Steel

The CCELL® M3B battery is known in the industry as one of the finest 510-threaded batteries available! You're in complete control of your vaping experience with three variable voltage options and button press activation. Adjust the power to suit your desired terpene flavor profile with all your favorite 510 thread cartridges. Feel the quality of this build in your hand while the handy color-coded lights keep you on track to making adjustments. CCELL® builds this battery for use with CCELL® cartridges, but it works well with every 510 thread cartridge we've tested.

Use-tips: Click rapidly (5) times to turn it on or off. Click (3) times quickly to adjust the temperature setting (Blue 2.8V/Yellow 3.2 V/Green 3.6V). Try the low setting first to preserve terps and, therefore, the taste. Raise the temperature further if needed to meet your preferences.

Pro-tip: Inhale-activated batteries can leave you stranded when your used cartridges become hard to inhale. Many cartridges have this issue at some point or another, but having a CCELL® M3B in your vaping arsenal will permanently cure that evil--prime the cart!

Product Details:

  • High-Quality Circuit Board - Multiple Protections
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Body
  • Press Button Activated
  • Built-In LED Indicator
  • Built-in 510 threading, 0.5ml & 1.0ml Cartridges
  • Variable Voltage Power: 2.8V / 3.2 V / 3.6V
  • Button Control Allows For Priming Stuck Cartridges
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Size: 10.5 x 84mm
  • USB Charger Included
  • Includes the Battery and Charger ONLY
  • Does NOT Include the Pictured Cartridge

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Liz Dean
Best pen available

I’ve tried not less than10 different brands of vape pens over the past 3 years and this one beat all others hands down. The luxury of not having to fight the constant clogging and technology that delivers quality smooth vapor at three different levels. I prefer the lowest (blue) level. Don’t hesitate to contact their customer support for unsurpassed, first class customer service,

Liz, thanks for your thorough review. We're very happy that you're enjoying your purchase. Thanks so much for your business and for helping to spread the word about us with your friends!