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Colorful Bubble Bat Carb Cap

Colorful Bubble Bat Carb Cap

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Description for Part Number 6333

  • 100% Colored Borosilicate Glass
  • Directional airflow down piece
  • Rotatable to move oil and increase vaporization
  • Lowers vapor temperatures
  • Slows oil consumption
  • This carb cap is only recommended for our 25mm Bangers and E-Bangers

Bubble Carb Caps are a favorite among dabbers who use quartz bangers. These directional bubble carb caps allow you to move the cap around to ensure you vaporize all of your wax. The bubble design allows you to control the airflow direction to maximize wax vaporization for lower temperature dabs. This Colorful Bubble Bat Carb Cap is a must have!

*Pictured on our 25mm Flat Top Beveled Edge Opaque Bottom Banger!