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Custom Flat Coil Heater

Custom Flat Coil Heater

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Description for Part Number 5108

Made with Special Silicone Sleeve – This is the Best Sleeve Made, it won’t Kink, Twist, or Lose its Shape. It is very Ergonomic and Comfortable and Easy to Use

Nickel Plated Connection

Engineered, Designed and Made in USA

Use with all of the dabbing specialists Flat Titanium Nails, Hybrid Titanium Nails, Hybrid Quartz Nails Made in the USA

Use with P/N 5101 the dabbing specialists Custom Enail Made in the USA...........This is the only enail that this coil will work on

Coil Heater Information for TDS Enail Coils: 110V, 120W, with K type thermocouple, With 5 foot Silicone Sheath, With silver XLR connector,  Wire Diagram (Pin1=AC power,Pin2= AC power, Pin3=TC+  Pin4=TC-, Pin5= ground wire)


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