The Dabbing Specialists Custom Enail - Made in the USA

The Dabbing Specialists Custom Enail - Made in the USA

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Description for Part Number 5101

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  • Engineered, Designed, and Manufactured in the USA
  • 3 year full warranty
  • CNC Machined Chassis
  • Special Anodized Coating, Double Sealed
  • Hand Soldered Wire Connections
  • Special P.I.D. Temperature Controller with Built-in Solid State Relay
  • Built-in Safety Fuse for Protection
  • Nickel Plated Coil Heater Receptacle
  • 5 Foot Power Cord
  • Built-in Power Cord Receptacle
  • Temperature Preset to 800° (The Recommended Temperature for Dabbing)
  • Custom On-Off Button
  • Special Silicone Base Feet, that Sit Flat & won’t Slip, Holds firmly to the Surface it Sits On.

Comes with a Custom Coil Heater of your choice: 16mm Coil Heater, 20mm Coil Heater, or Flat Coil Heater

  • Made with a Special Silicone Sleeve – This is the Best Sleeve Made, it Won’t Kink, Twist, or Lose its Shape. It is very Ergonomic, Comfortable, and Easy to Use
  • 110V, 120W, 5-Pin XLR Connection
  • Nickel Plated Connection
  • Made in the USA

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