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Dab Nail Thermometer

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Description for Part Number 6400

Our Dab Thermometer works great on quartz, titanium, and ceramic surfaces. It will enable you to accurately read the surface temperature of your dab nail. This technique is more accurate than relying on timers as environmental variables, material traits, and quartz banger heat retention capabilities change over time. This tool empowers you, allowing for perfect temp dabs under any conditions. You'll get in tune with it after a bit of use and your dabs will be forever improved.

Product Details:

  • Works On Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium
  • Dab Tool Unscrews
  • Fits Perfect In Our Dab Tool Stand
  • 3 LCD Color Modes
  • Blue=Cool Zone / Green=Dab Now / Red=Too Hot
  • Dab Temperatures Vary Based On Material & Surface Variables!
  • Dab Temperatures Are Personal - Adjust Accordingly!

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