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Description for Part Number 6351

Directional Bubble Cap

People need proper directional airflow to spin their terp pearls well! This Dual Nozzle Directional Bubble Carb Cap will spread and stir your oil well. If you use this with our Terp (Dab) Pearls with a rig with proper airflow, you'll watch those pearls spin while regulating your dabbing temperature. This carb cap has a broad channel for airflow right down the top and into the dual nozzles. Try it out today: a 20mm Coil E-Banger! We've listed the top items to pair this with below for the ultimate experience.

Product Details:

  • Rotates the Airflow and Spins Terp (Dab) Pearls
  • Dual Directional Air Nozzles Spin Hard
  • Use With 20mm Coil E-Bangers To Spin Terp (Dab) Pearls
  • Use With PN 6116 or PN 6115 (High Airflow Rigs) To Spin Terp (Dab) Pearls
  • Use Terp (Dab) Pearls to Retain Heat & Lower Temps
  • Does NOT Include an E-Banger/Banger or Terp Pearls!

*Pictured with our E-Banger 14mm Male for a 20mm Coil (Enail) and our 25mm Handmade Joint Banger!*