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Description for part number 1136

This Dabbing Bundle includes the Following:

1 ea. Quartz Banger Terp Slurper 18mm Male With Spinning Carb Cap

Description for Part Number 6239

Features an "Up Your Oil" design that makes your oil go up from the bottom through the slits on the column near the lower tray. This design ensures all of your wax or oil is vaporized.

Product Details:

  • 100% Quartz
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • The Airflow Slits Allow the Oil To Travel Up the Long Column
  • Reduces Oil Escaping From Up Travel
  • The Vacuum In the Column Slows the Travel and Vaporization
  • Extends the Life of Your Oil and Lowers the Temperature of Your Vapor
  • Watch Your Oil Settle In the Tray and Vacuum Up the Column
  • Comes With a Clear Spinning Carb Cap
  • It fits 18mm Female Glass Joints

1 ea. Glass Showerhead Bubbler

Description for Part Number 6101

This is a Showerhead Bubbler Water Pipe with a Full-Sized Showerhead Condensed into a Unique Bubbler. The Insert Supports 42 Cuts to Provide Maximum Diffusion for Smooth, Tasty Hits. This Great-Looking Bubbling Machine Will Cool and Filter Smoke for a Smoother Hit……… for your Dabbing Pleasure!

  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Height: 11.5" Tall
  • Base: 5.25: Dia.
  • Material: High-quality borosilicate Glass
  • Engineered, Designed, and Assembled in the USA
  • Glass Joint: 18mm - Use with the dabbing specialists P/N 3201 18mm x 14mm Titanium Nail Adapter Male Made in the USA
  • Use with PN 2101, the dabbing specialists' Custom 16 Hole Titanium Nail Made in the USA
  • Use with PN 5101, the dabbing specialists' Custom Enail Made in the USA

1 ea. Professional Quality Butane Blow Torch

Description for part number 7401

  • Professional Quality Blow Torch – Automatic Ignition, Piezo Ignition. Best Torch For Dabbing. Butane Gas Not Included
  • Safety Cooking Torch - Features Anti-Flare technology with a Safety Lock for Worry-Free operation. A wide base helps to prevent the butane torch from tipping. It is made with an aluminum alloy body for long-lasting use. Keep out of reach of children
  • Easy To Use - Slide the safety lock off, turn the flame knob until you hear the gas flow, and press the ignition button. Temperature can reach 1300 c/2500 F. Normal gas: works with conventional butane gas
  • Refillable & Adjustable Culinary Torch - Adjustable flame control allows you to choose different flames according to your requirements. Dimensions: approx. 6.3" x 4.5" x 2.4" • Type of gas: Butane • Empty weight: 210 g • Filling weight: 10 g • Filled

1 ea. Dab Mat 4.5 inches x 5.5 inches

Description for Part Number 7101

  • High Temperature Resistant from -40° to 480° Easily Cleaned, Non-Stick Surface, Chemical Resistant
  • The material is Non-Toxic Food-Grade Silicone Rubber Reinforced with Inner Fiberglass Fabric.
  • Engineered, Designed, and Manufactured in the USA
  • Perfect for Placing your Hot Dabbing Utensils on and for Wiping off Dabbing Material while cleaning your Titanium Nail
  • To Clean, Wipe off Sticky Material with Isopropyl Alcohol, Rinse Thoroughly with Soapy Hot Water
  • Long Lasting Can be used over and over again.
  • It can be used as a Silicone Cookie Sheet or Baking Mat, Wipes Clean.
  • Healthy Bake Ware Eliminates the Need for Butter, Sprays, Oil, or Parchment. Dishwasher Safe

2 ea. TDS Dab Container

Description for Part Number 7201

  • High Temperature Resistant, Easily Cleaned, Nonstick Surface
  • Material is Non-Toxic Silicone Rubber, Size 1.5 Inch Diameter x .87 inches High with Lid
  • Engineered, Designed, and Manufactured in the USA
  • Perfect for Storing your Extracts or Dabbing Products
  • To Clean, Wipe off Sticky Material with Isopropyl Alcohol, Rinse Thoroughly with Soapy Hot Water

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