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Description for Part Number 1208

25mm Cyclone Spinner E-Banger Kit

Grab a 25mm coil heater and an e-nail controller to heat this Full Weld Cyclone Spinner E-Banger. You'll shred terps every session! This Cyclone E-Banger can be used well with just a torch, too. The deep, multiple vortex-inducing inner airways force the airflow to spiral, getting your terp pearls rotating at a high rate of speed to churn your wax and vaporize it fully. The cyclonic airflow also prevents burned puddles, maximizing flavor.

This Full-Weld Cyclone E-Banger is designed to spin pearls swiftly. Our 6mm Pearls travel quickly around the bucket to terrorize your terps!

This Kit DOES NOT include a 25mm coil heater!

Kit Includes:

Product Description & Features:

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • 14mm Male - 90 Degrees ONLY
  • No-Weld Seamless Design [No Sharp Edges, Poked Holes, Weakness]
  • More Durable, Higher Airflow
  • Super Extended Neck [Keeps Torch/Heat Further Away]

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