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Terp Taster Blender Slurp

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Description for Part Number 6711

Terp Taster Blender

Pairing this Terp Taster Blender with four 4mm Ruby Terp Pearls and a Slurper Marble on top is a thrill. The function of these is incredible. If you've ever seen multiple motorcycles driving within a steel-caged ball at the same time, that's what four 4mm Ruby Terp Pearls do in this banger! The eight spiraling air channels blend those terps right into the center of the dish meeting your heat-retaining terp pearls. Your oil will stay contained in the tapered cone as the 4mm Ruby Terp Pearls spread it out. Have fun, you're going to enjoy this one!

You can purchase just the Terp Taster Blender, or better yet, add on the pearls at a discount! Make sure you have a Slurper Marble at home already, or, if not, buy this one, it's perfect!

Product Details:

  • 14mm Male Only
  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Thick 2mm Walls
  • Dish 40mm OD [Outside Diameter]
  • (8) Terp Blending, Spiraling Air Channels
  • Beveled-Edge Flat Top
  • Frosted Joint

This Terp Taster Blender is pictured with four of our 4mm Ruby Terp Pearls!

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