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Description for Part Number 1091

20mm Deluxe Enail Kit

If you're new to dabbing and need an excellent kit, or you've already worn out a PID temperature controller (e-Nail) or two, in either case, the Futurus 20mm E-Banger Deluxe e-Nail Kit may be what you need. The 20mm e-banger is still narrow but roomier and more accessible to load and clean than a 16mm e-banger. A voluptuously thick, authentic mood mat for your dabbing station is included, and it keeps your dab rig from the bumps and shocks created during use. The Futurus Water Pipe has a broad and heavy base, lots of airflow, and is extremely pleasant to use. The tornadic drain in this gravity recycler is functionally and visually superior to most. Choose from the wood grain, blue, red, or black finish for your enail controller. The rectangular prism form factor is strategically tiny and modern. Pack the head unit, heater coil, power cord, and accessories in the handy mobile case when traveling or on the go!

This Kit Includes:

*Please note that a 25mm heater coil is shown in the case images above. Rest assured, this kit comes with a 20mm heater coil!

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