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Description for Part Number 1177

Recycler Auto-Spin Dab Kit


Our new Futurus Gravity Recycler 25mm Full Weld Dab Kit is a cyclonic masterpiece! Our tornado recycler is paired with an auto-spinning quartz banger, resulting in hours of significant fun! Watch a function video of the Futurus in action and a video of our new auto-spinner quartz banger just past the kit images. This kit spins the two included 6mm quartz terp pearls exceptionally quickly. The airflow inside of this design is incredible, and with the 25mm full weld banger having angled, poked holes in the sides, the pearls go wild! They float-spin all up the walls, spreading those terps and ensuring an efficient dab. The Blue Crystal Pearls get hotter and retain heat longer than the other types. You can choose which ones you'd like!

This kit Includes the Following: