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Description for Part Number 7214

Nectar Collector

This is a very portable and affordable way to do the job well. Our Glass Nectar Collector Kit is 7.25" long and includes the following parts.

Product Details:

  • (1) Borosilicate Glass Body (10mm OR 14mm Female Joint)
  • (1) Quartz Tip (Nail)
  • (1) Plastic Clip
  • (2) Silicone Containers (Container Lid Is Included, But Not Pictured)

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great nectar collector

Very solid nectar collector, have had it for almost a year and it works great, hoping you guys will have more options for nectar collectors in the near future (hopefully some smaller ones also) as long as I’m dabbing I’ll be using you products :) thanks

Cody, thanks for the great review and we're happy that you current nectar collector is lasting well for you! We do offer a new micro nectar collector you might want to check out. Thanks for being our customer.