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Lotus Blender Slurp Kit

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Description for Part Number 3301

We have initial, limited quantities of our new Golden Goat Quartz line currently available. High-quality quartz with unmatched styling and design components. Features a frosted, branded "GG" logo-laden joint, a high airflow fully welded neck, engraved styling throughout the quartz, a solid, perfectly designed carb cap, and two 6mm quartz dab pearls. The intricately engraved pattern in the quartz is all-seeing eyes supported by filigree. The engraved styling on the Golden Goat Full Weld Lotus Blender Slurper also acts as a tactile grip keeping the quartz securely between your digits. Your purchase comes in a deep, laser-cut foam-filled pad, and it makes a great mobile case on the go.

Drop your glob on the Lotus Flower Blender tray and enjoy your ride!

This Golden Goat Lotus Blender Slurp Kit Includes:

  • (1) Golden Goat Full Weld Lotus Blender Slurp (14mm Male)
  • (1) Styled Matching Carb Cap 
  • (2) 6mm Quartz Dab Pearls
  • (1) Durable Laser Cut Foam Insert (Open Deep Foam Case)

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