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Smoking Wand

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Description for Part Number 6916

Our IT nerd smokes a lot of flower in between dabs and he needed a good roach clip; he's really enjoying these well-crafted 2" wooden handled "smoking wands" created in the USA with US, sustainably harvested hardwood lumber. We thought you might enjoy these Mystic Timber smoking wands too!

  • 2" Handle
  • Rare-Earth Magnet
  • Superb Quality Roach Clip
  • USA Hardwood
  • Each One Is Unique

Description from the Mystic Timber website:

"Magna Pocket Beasts came about because of requests from working smoking people to add another utilitarian aspect to a smoking experience. By adding a Rare-earth magnet (strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare-earth elements that can hold up to four pounds) to the shaft end of the Pocket Beast, a burning handroll can be held and put down, still burning near a workstation and picked up again as needed.

The Magna is a useful tool:

  • Sticks to any ferrous surface
  • Holds up to 4 pounds
  • Its’ uses are only limited by your imagination!"

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