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Smoking Wand

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Description for Part Number 6918

Our project manager needed a good roach clip; he's really digging these well-crafted 3.5" wooden handled "smoking wands" created in the USA with US, sustainably harvested hardwood lumber. We know you'll enjoy these Mystic Timber smoking wands too!

  • 3.5" Handle
  • Superb Quality Roach Clip
  • USA Hardwood
  • Each One Is Unique

Description from the Mystic Timber website:

"When we brought out the Midi Beast it had a four-inch shaft and two sets of grips in the fashion of its bigger brothers. After field testing, and listening to our customers, we decided that on a shaft that size the second set of grips made it more difficult to handle. The solution became our very popular current Midi, a three-and-a-half-inch shaft with a single set of grips. Mounted with the smaller but no less functional ’30’ size clip, the Midi style has become one of our most popular clips and also serves as the hand-friendly handle for our rockin’ Midi Dab Tools."

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