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Description for Part Number 5201

Dual e-Nail Dabbing Kit

Engineered and Designed in the USA

Our Made in the USA Titanium is a must-try experience!

This Kit Includes the Following Items:

  • (1) PN 5105 Portable Mini Enail
  • (1) PN 3102 Titanium Nail Adapter 18mm x 14mm Female (Made in the USA)
  • (2) PN 6115m Reborn Precision Mini Dual Bubbler (x2)
  • (1) PN 6203 14mm Female Quartz E-Banger for 20mm Coil
  • (1) PN 2502 Titanium Dish Fastener Screw (Made in the USA)
  • (1) PN 2501 Titanium Nail Dish (Made in the USA)
  • (1) PN 6301 Quartz Nail Dish
  • (1) PN 6701 Flat Coil Heater
  • (1) PN 6703 20mm Coil Heater
  • (1) PN 6304 Carb Cap Banger Bubble - Blue
  • (1) PN 6651 Carb Cap Lollipop with Dabber - Purple
  • (1) PN 5151 Coil Heater Splitter for e-Nails

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Jonathon Ramos
Great Product

I purchased this bundle package a little over a year ago. At the time I was entertaining a lot of people and thought it’d be great to be able to have 2 rigs running at the same time. Well, this bundle had me covered. I have used it EVERY SINGLE day and it has never let me down. I would and have recommended this product and company. They provide a great product at an affordable price. Several friends have also purchased products from them.

I’ll break things down by category.

The packing was great. It came in a medium sized box that had several other boxes inside. Inside the boxes contained the rigs, e-nails, e-nail accessories. The great thing is everything was organized in baggies. The rig was wrapped and protected:

The quality overall is awesome. The titanium and the quartz both are of good quality. I was shocked to receive a good product for a great price.

I have used every single piece of equipment in this bundle. I have used them numerous times a day. I smoke daily on average of 7 times a day. This e-nail has been my daily driver and has functioned without fail every single time.

The only thing I wish this had was an auto-off feature. However, at this price point (and even reasonably above) you will not find anything better or priced better.

Final thoughts.
I firmly stand behind The Dabbing Specialist. I have recommended them to friends and family and will continue to do so.

If you are on the market for an e-nail, look no further.

Jonathon, we appreciate your detailed review and love to hear that your kit has rocked as a daily driver. Thanks again, and we appreciate you as a customer!