Glass and Nail Rig - Mini Hockey Puck (Butterscotch) with 16-Hole Titanium Nail

Glass and Nail Rig - Mini Hockey Puck (Butterscotch Tip) with 16-Hole Titanium Nail

Our Made in the USA Titanium is a must try experience!

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Description for Part Number 1318

This glass and nail rig kit includes the following (2) products:

*You will also receive a free basic titanium carb cap and dab stick tool!

Titanium Dab Kit with 16-Hole Nail - 16mm Coil - 14mm/10mm Female - Made in the USA

(1) Description for Part Number 6502


P/N 2101 16-Hole Titanium Nail
P/N 3101 Titanium Nail Adapter - 14mm x 10mm, Female


    Mini Hockey Puck (ButterscotchTip) Pipe

    (2) Description for Part Number 6106

    • This is a Water Pipe with Percolators
    • Thickness: 5mm hand blown borosilicate glass 
    • Height: 3.5” Tall
    • Base: 2.25” Dia.
    • Butterscotch Colored Mouth Piece
    • This is small, but packs a punch!
    • Glass Joint: 10mm Male
    Note: This kit does NOT include an enail, heater coil, or torch!