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Proxy Bubbler

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Description for Part Number 6929

The Puffco Proxy is fantastic for mobile sessions and social dabbing wherever you may find yourself. The ease and convenience of the Puffco Proxy are unmatched, but the filtered robustness of rig rips is lost unless you add a high-functioning bubbler to the Proxy. With our Golden Goat Proxy Bubbler attached, you'll enjoy fully filtered, voluminous dabs paired with the convenience and sharability of the Puffco Proxy. Just insert the Proxy body down into the recessed opening at the top of the bubbler!

Product Details:

  • Height:  6.5'' inches
  • Base Diameter:  3.25'' inches
  • Base Thickness:  5/8'' inches
  • Golden Goat Logo
  • Thick 4mm Glass
  • Slit Percs
  • Puffco Proxy Fits Perfectly
  • Engineered and Designed in the USA

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