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Description for Part Number 6336

Spinner Cap

Keep differentiating your dab game by trying our new Pushpin Spinner Carb Cap, too! This riptide-inspired carb cap has multiple airflow channels that rotate the incoming air into a cyclone, spreading and stirring your oil and vapor. If you use this with our Terp (Dab) Pearls inside your banger, you can watch those pearls spin while regulating your dabbing temperature. This carb cap has a narrower through hole than our Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap, which changes the dynamics. Try it out on your 25mm Bangers!

Product Details:

  • Works On 25mm E-Bangers and Bangers
  • Spreads and Rotates Your Oil To Ensure Even and Complete Vaporization
  • Riptide-inspired, Spinning Incoming Airflow
  • Often Used With Terp (Dab) Pearls

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice but whistles

I ordered the blue/grey carb cap and when i received it, it was a blue and red cap. It also has a pretty loud whistle to it. the whistle is the only thing i'm unhappy about with purchase. definitely recommend just be aware of whistle.

Lindsay, I'm sorry to hear you received the wrong color, and that there is a whistle. I'm going to forward your email to our staff and have them send you out a blue/grey one, hopefully without a whistle!

Richard Foster

This spinner cap made me dizzy watching the terp pearls go round and round wait maybe it was the crumble. Either way exactly what I was looking for made dabbing better!

Richard, we’re happy to hear your report and that the product is spinning pearls and you around! Haha...we appreciate your business!

Brittney Herrera
Would have been happy

My boyfriend has the same push pin cap and I really liked it, so I got my own. Unfortunately my push pin has a really loud whistle. I’m super unhappy with the whistle, but really do like the cap. Spins great!! Worth a buy, but watch out for a whistle.

Brittney, thanks for the review and sorry for the weird whistle! I use a pushpin cap too but I don't have a whistle. Please email joey@actionengineeringcorp.com if you'd like us to send you a replacement. Thanks!

Drew Buonocore
Life Changing

Spinner caps with terp pearls is 100% the best way to dab in my opinion. You can search the web high and low, and you will never find a spinner cap better and cheaper than this one.

We're happy to have touched your life in a positive way! Thanks for your review.