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Description for Part Number 6225

14mm Male Banger With Cup Insert and Cap

The flat-top quartz banger design combined with drop-in insert cups is a relatively new addition to the dab scene. The most significant feature advantage of these is that the drop-in cup insert helps keep your banger looking like new and assists in making cleanup easy! This setup allows you to either heat the banger as you usually would and then drop the loaded cup insert in, or you can heat the insert cup, drop it in with tweezers, and then insert your waxes and oils like you usually would. We prefer to heat the banger like we normally would and then drop the loaded cup insert into the banger. You will keep your banger looking much cleaner and experience fantastic terpene profiles as the cup insert shields your concentrates from high heat levels and ensures complete vaporization.

Product Details:

  • Includes a Colorful Flying Saucer Carb Cap
  • Includes a Quartz Insert Cup
  • 100% Quartz
  • The Cup Insert Keeps Your Nail Cleaner and Extends the Life of Your Nail
  • Improves Heat Retention
  • It fits 14mm Female Glass Joints

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Richard Foster
    Tasty terps

    I read the article in high times about the drop in Technique I like watching the crumble melt down faster than Chernobyl and getting big clouds of tasty terps!

    Richard, thanks for the review! We’re glad our products and the drop-in technique are working well for you. We appreciate your business and for spreading the world about us!