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Deluxe Enail Kit

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Description for Part Number 1089

Super Sized Fries, Lincoln Continentals, and 30mm E-bangers. There's plenty of room for contentment and enjoyment! The Reborn 30mm E-Banger Deluxe Enail Kit is a solid value and offers plenty of surface area for humongous dabs. Your kit will include a protectively thick, authentic moodmat. This will keep your dab rig safe from inevitable bumps and shocks during use. The Reborn Precision Mini Dual Bubbler has a sturdy base with awesome airflow and is very durable. You can choose from the blue, black, red, or wood grain finish for your (enail) PID temperature controller. The rectangular prism form factor is strategically small and eye-catching. You can pack the head unit, heater coil, power cord, and accessories in the handy mobile case when traveling or on the go!

This Kit Includes:

*Please note that a 25mm heater coil is shown in the case images. Rest assured, this kit comes with a 30mm heater coil!

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