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Description for Part Number 6325

Bubble Carb Cap

Bubble Carb Caps are a craze among dabbers who use quartz bangers. They work even better with thermal bangers, also known as double-walled bangers. These directional bubble carb caps allow you to move the cap around to ensure you vaporize all of your wax. The bubble design lets you control the airflow direction to maximize wax vaporization for lower-temperature dabs. This directional carb cap is a must-have dab tool!

Product Details:

  • 100% Quartz
  • Directional Airflow Down Piece
  • Rotatable To Move Oil and Increase Vaporization
  • Lowers Vapor Temperatures
  • Slows Oil Consumption
  • Works with all of our (25mm, 20mm, and 16mm) torch Bangers and E-Bangers

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect at a perfect price!

This is a great carb cap! Not too heavy, not to thin, easy to hold onto, the architecture makes for really fast airflow so you don't need to pull as hard at your rig. Great for directing airflow and helping keep your dabs moving around your nail and vaporizing at just the right temps!

'@delgerkris, you're right, the Rook Bubble Directional Carb Cap has a high volume of airflow due to the large bore up top, and it really directs the airflow like mad! We're happy you're digging it. Thanks for your review.


I am so happy that my friend bestowed the holy knowledge of carb caps to me. I’ve tested another one I got with a bundle that worked.. but not as well but I didn’t know that. It was my first ever, then I broke it lol. So I immediately went to look for a bubble one that I always saw people using and I liked how it felt. I saw this on the dabbing warehouse and HAD to get it when it’s at such a good price. And the resulting WERE DAMN AMAZING. IT COMPLETELY CHANGED THE AIRFLOW AND VAPORIZATION SO I’D GET SO MUCH TERPS. I’m finally taking the perfect dabs that I seen people do on Instagram :’). Buy this it’s bigger than I thought but who cares. Absolutely amazing

Zee! We're glad that you're on the right track with carb caps now, nice. It sounds like your airflow is moving the way it should be. Yay! Thanks for your review.