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Ruby Cup Insert

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Description for Part Number 6334

Dabbing with a Ruby Cup Insert provides very thick and flavorful vaporization. Dabbing with a Cup Insert helps vaporize your oil more efficiently. Dabbing off of Ruby is known to provide the best taste provided from any surface. This cup insert is made out of genuine lab-grown ruby, hence the price. So tasty and smooth! Be the first on your block to sport one of these beautiful conversation starters inside your 25mm Banger or E-Banger.

  • Ruby Cup Insert for 25mm Quartz E-Bangers & Bangers (OD 19mm)
  • Superior Flavor and Efficiency
  • Looks Beautiful; Feel the Healing Difference
  • 19mm Tall, 19mm Wide, and 2mm Thick
*We recommend that you never expose this Ruby Cup Insert to direct flame, only heat it up within a quartz banger to prevent cracking due to thermal shock. Make sure it's at room temperature before cleaning for the same reason.

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