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Spin Matrix Can Dab Rig

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Description for Part Number 6117

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Although we currently have two dab rigs in our lineup that move terp pearls nicely, our "Reborn Precision Mini Dual Bubbler" and the "Trifecta Double Recycler Dab Rig," none of our dab rigs have quickly garnered our respect quite like the Spin Matrix! The tilted mouthpiece is at a comfortable angle and is super rugged. When you hold this piece in your hand, you can't help but notice how thick and heavy it is. The large "Can" chamber allows for the perfect ratio between the incoming air and inner and exiting airflow. The guiding glass air dome that drops the percs down and the "Can" chambered design creates a super directed, strong airflow. We've never seen our Terp (Dab) Pearls spin this easily.

Paired with a Mega Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap, this dab rig is a terp pearl spinning BEAST!

Product Details:

  • 7mm Thick and Sturdy Hand-Blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Guiding Dome Air Chamber Dropping Eight Slotted Percolators
  • Height: 8.75” Tall
  • Super Heavy Base: 4.25” Diameter
  • 14mm Female Joint Only
  • Engineered, Designed, and Assembled In the USA
  • Does NOT Include the Pictured Banger, Cap, or Pearls!

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