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Terp Pearls, Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap, and 25mm Quartz Banger

Combo Pack

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Description for Part Number 6262

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This combo pack includes everything you need to experience the thrills of new dab tech. Get your temperature controlling Terp (Dab) Pearls spinning to help you lower your temps and increase the intake of tasty terps!

With this setup you'll be spreading out your oil for an even, heat retained...temperature controlled dab. Keep your temps down using this combo pack, preserving those tasty terps for yourself.


  • 100% Quartz 25mm Flat Top Banger With A Thick, White Opaque Bottom (You Pick the Joint Size)
  • Cyclone Spinner Carb Cap-riptide inspired (fits 19mm to 25mm Bangers-you pick the color)
  • (2) 100% Quartz Terp (Dab) Pearls (6mm OD)


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