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Terp Slurper Marble Set

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Description for Part Number 6390

Pair this terp slurper marble set with any terp slurper and get going with the latest in dab-tech! The terp pill and vactube marble will retain heat and ensure all of your concentrates get vaporized in your slurper leading to a great session.


  • (1) 22mm Terp Slurper Marble (Top)
  • (1) 11mm VacTube Marble (Middle)
  • (1) 6mm x 15mm Terp Pill (Bottom)

All Terp Slurper Marble Sets purchased will look very similar to what is pictured. Measurements vary slightly between sets.

Pop the Slurper Marble on top of your Terp Slurper after dropping in your terp pill, and then one VacTube marble on top of the vacuum tube! The vactube marble and terp pill will rotate and dance with the up-flowing draft.

*Pictured inside of our Quartz Banger Terp Slurper! Terp Slurper NOT included!


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