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Description for Part Number 6252

Terp Slurper Combo Pack

This combo pack includes everything you need to experience the thrills of new dab tech. Get your temperature-controlling Terp (Dab) Pearl bouncing in the tray to help you lower your temps and increase the intake of tasty terps! DO NOT expose your VacTube Slurper Marble™ to direct heat! Only heat the tray of the terp slurper and keep the flame off of the upper VacTube Marble™.

This Combo Pack Includes:

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Richard Foster
Game changer

Wow this was my first terp slupper and I will be using my bangers way less often for now on. I have got severe couch lock going on took 2 dabs and now my brains are oatmeal!

Richard, we appreciate your review and we're very pleased that you're enjoying this slurper stack! Oatmeal, haha...!

Good price

This was my first slurper and I’m never going back to original bangers. These work way better and the price was good. Shipping was very fast too!! Had a problem and they reached out to me. Great customer service, def will be buying more from this site!

Stefan, thanks for your review! We're happy that you are enjoying your slurper and that our customer service team took good care of you. Thanks for being our customer and for helping to spread the word about us!