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Description for Part Number 6300

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A description provided by THE TERPOMETER HQ:

"THE TERPOMETER is the world’s first thermometer specifically calibrated for quartz, ceramic, or titanium surfaces. The LCD screen will display the real-time temperature upon contact. The screen will illuminate GREEN suggesting the ideal time to apply extracts for optimal effects and flavor. The Terpometer truly provides the most precise technique to enjoy extracts. Problem Solved."

  • Works On Quartz, Ceramic, and Titanium
  • 3 LCD Color Modes
  • Blue=Too Cool / Green=Dab Now / Red=Too Hot
  • Dab Tool Unscrews
  • Fits Perfect In Our Dab Tool Stand
  • Works Perfectly!

the dabbing specialists have tested quartz banger thermometers over the years and we finally found one that is well-built, easy to use, and works well every time. We're proud to carry this quick and convenient TERPOMETER! You won't be disappointed.

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