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Description for Part Number 6193

Thermochromic Banger

This thermochromic quartz banger is a hit within our dab tribe. It's a thermal banger with an inner chamber that retains heat well. The color-changing crystals around the thermal chamber shift color from light to dark (yellow to red) as the banger temperatures heat up. When the color shifts from a bright yellow to a deep reddish, you know your quartz banger is ready for action. This dab tech gives you a handy visual to gauge your favorite temperature zone.

  • 100% Pure Quartz Glass
  • Color Changing Temperature Gauging Quartz Crystals (Sand)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This thing is huge!

Upgraded from the smoke shop china glass and don't regret it. First hit was better than any I've had before. 10 years smoking and dab setup still confuses me. Get this red, wait 30 seconds, and rip. Will be getting a reclaim catcher soon if anyone can recommend a 14mm female to male


Took my first rip on this, love the temp gauging.. thanks again, repeat happy customer

We're happy to have you as our customer, Bren! Thanks for sharing the good word and telling others about us. Be well!

Bangin banger

retains heat super good and you get a close to perfect dab everytime u just wait for that sand to turn red maybe let her cool a little and smack that jawn. looks super cool too 10/10

Yep, we like that thermochromic banger too, super handy and well constructed! Thanks for being our customer Keagan.