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Description for Part Number 1113

Titanium Dab Kit - Male, 18/14mm, Claw Shovel

Our Made in the USA Titanium is a must-try experience!

Made with 99.4% pure, Grade 2 Titanium. Engineered, melted, and manufactured in the USA. De-burred and sterilized using a unique process before shipment.

This Kit Includes:

(1) PN 2101 16-Hole Titanium Nail
(1) PN 3201 Titanium Nail Adapter - 18mm x 14mm, Male
(1) PN 2203 Titanium Carb Cap (Universal) – 3 Hole
(1) PN 4101 Titanium Dab Stick – Claw Shovel

*This kit does not include a 16mm heater coil. Click here if you need our standard 16mm heater coil, or here if you need our custom heater coil for our TDS Custom e-Nail.