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Description for Part Number 2501

Titanium Nail Dish

Our Made in the USA Titanium is a must-try experience!

  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium 99.4% Pure, Melted In the USA!
  • Engineered, Designed, & CNC Machined In the USA!
  • Deburred and Sterilized Using A Special Process.
  • 1.00" Outside Diameter
  • .375" Inside Diameter
  • Use With A Flat Coil PN 6701 Or Torch (Less than Ideal)
  • Use With All TDS Enail Bodies.
  • Q-Tip Swab After Each Use To Maintain A High-Quality Taste!
  • Soak In Hot Alcohol For A Thorough Cleaning Using a Small Scraper and Q-Tip; rinse with hot water.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Perfect and so much better than Quartz

    Great dish. I have a stratus enail with a quartz dish and was looking for something so my CBD didn’t waste as much on the dish with low temps. The carb nap doesn’t fit anymore but it’s still effective, you just can’t let go of it or else it’ll fall off. This dish heats so much more evenly than the quartz dish that I can keep it 50C lower than my quartz one and get all rip and no leftover vaporization after. I am at about 650C. So although it’s not low low for terpenes mostly, it’s still nice and low to prevent burning. Had this dish about a week and it’s been at 650C 75% of that time. Starting to get that initial rainbow coloring, but no flaky oxidation which is great.