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Mini Bins

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Description for Part Number 6902

"Miniature storage containers designed to simplify."

"Töteez's durable design allows optimal storage for small goods at home or in transit. Made with BPA-free food-grade plastic to help store anything from perishable goods to office supplies. Lids and base stack together to easily organize and label your contents. The original mating feature gives Töteez an airtight and waterproof seal. Take your Töteez anywhere. They are made in the USA!"

  • 4.25" Long  X  2.75" Wide  X  2.5" High
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • Opaque Design Protects Contents
  • Water Resistant
  • Air Tight Lid
  • Food Grade Plastics
  • Durable Design
  • Made In the USA

These high-quality mini totes are $10 each (after our current auto discount). Everything about them is done in the USA.

We're enjoying these around our shop and homes. Easy to pack, stack, label, and organize things! Great for taking quartz bangers and carb caps on the go, concentrate tubs, dab tool storage, Q-Tips, flower, you name it. Also, if you purchase one of these with a banger, we'll pack your banger in it for shipment to make your new nail even safer on the way.

"Töteez - Tiny Totes With Giant Value"

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